After graduating with honours from Fanshawe College’s 3 year Business Administration Program, with a major in Marketing, Christian spent 18 years in the investment industry. At the end of his investment career he was entrusted with co-managing a $100 million investment portfolio.

Christian developed a keen interest in real estate; spending many years purchasing, renovating and re-selling houses in his free time. After leaving the investment industry Christian used his real estate experience to become a licensed Realtor. Now he shares his expertise with his valued clients in both the purchase and sale of residential, multi- family and commercial real estate in the London and surrounding area.

Christian is an avid skier, who grew up as a competitive ski racer, competing and skiing all over North America. His competitive edge and discipline was not left on the ski hills and he has translated these attributes into his professional acumen.

In his spare time Christian still remains physically fit and mentally sharp by playing competitive volleyball. Time playing the drums and jamming with friends is also one of his pastime pleasures. Even a quiet evening reading a book is on his list of favourite things to do in his downtime.

Last but not least, Christian enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife Betty, his son Josh, and step-daughters Nicole and Rebecca.

Christian believes balancing family life and his professional life is the key to being a productive and successful professional Realtor.

Christian aspires to earn “lifetime relationships” with his clients one day at a time.

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